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About AAFT
Each day, in any given corner of our country, hundreds of accountants make another person laugh. And itís even usually intentional. But sadly enough, these witty financial professionals rarely get the credit for being funny that they deserve. Thatís where the Accountants Are Funny Too (AAFT) coalition comes in.

Our group was created to raise public awareness about the unsung humor of the accountant. We do so through the literature on this Web site, protest gatherings and community outreach efforts such as Accountants Oneís Search for the Funniest Accountant.

With the tremendous success of last yearís event, our voice has been heard by bringing the limelight to funny accountants in Atlanta. Countless skeptics have been won over to our previously preposterous claim. However, we cannot stop here. Our group is trying to show people accountants are funny, remember?

Now itís time to come together and keep the momentum going by supporting the Search for the Southís Funniest Accountant show, telling jokes out loud without fear of repercussions and enjoying a good belly laugh. In hopes of capturing more unsung funny accountants, we are continuing to search the entire southeast!

Financial professionals who either have a sense of humor, or have plans to acquire one soon, are eligible to join our organization. Through our noble mission, we will continue to make the world a funnier, more accepting place one day at a time.