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Three guys are at the open-casket funeral of a friend -- one is a teacher, the other a doctor, the third is an accountant. The teacher says, "There's a legend in the teaching profession that if you bury someone with a little bit of money, it will help him in the afterlife," and he puts ten bucks in the casket. The doctor says, "Well, I don't believe in your tradition, but on the chance that it helps out our friend, I too will lay ten dollars in the coffin." And he proceeds to put a second bill on the first. The teacher and the doctor look at the accountant who says, "What, you think I won't join you? Hey, this was my friend too! In fact, I will do better -- I will put in twenty!" With that he writes a check for forty dollars, drops it in the casket, and takes the two ten-dollar bills as change.

Submitted by: FEI CFO
On: February 24, 2010
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