Testimonial: Brad Manning

“The Search for the South’s Funniest Accountant was such a fun experience, benefiting an amazing cause. From auditions to the moment I walked out on stage, the Accountants One team was always there to help me prepare my material, give me feedback, and make me...

Testimonial: Joe Bray

“The Search has been one of the greatest experiences of my professional career, both as a performer and an attendee. Since I first got involved in 2013, I’ve been amazed at how the show gets better each year, and at times like this, we need laughs more than...

Testimonial: Jason McCarthy

“I thought this was the best show ever. You guys have done everything you can do to make sure the show runs well and you can really tell that you have got it down to a science. The crowd is great and very forgiving.”- Jason McCarthy

Testimonial: Tom Downs

“I had a blast and thought this truly was on of the best experiences of my life. Even if I were to win next year, it could not make the experience any better than the one I had this year. It was wonderful.”- Tom...

Testimonial: Gilbert Lawand

“I had a great time and would love to be in the show again next year! It was the most fun I have ever had! You guys did a great job and it was a great experience!”- Gilbert Lawand

Testimonial: Mary Ferguson

“Dan is hilarious and does a great job putting this together. Depending on where I am in my life and career, I am always happy to try out again.”- Mary Ferguson